Our Mission

The Braefoot Community Association encourages and anables youth to participate in activities that promote positive and active lifestyles, which contribute to a healthy community!
The Braefoot Community Association strongly believes that the more positive activities our youth are involved in, the less time they are exposed to potentially negative influences.

Did You Know?

  • Children active in organized sports or physical activities score higher on receptive vocabulary, communication skills, number knowledge and copying and symbol use.
  • Less then a third of 19-year-old youth attend university from families in the bottom 25% of the income distribution compared to 50% from the top. 84% of the gap is related to differences in the characteristics of youth from different economic backgrounds as opposed to financial constraints to attending university.
  • Only 16% of lower-income youth have a parent who possesses a university degree in contrast with 51% among higher-income youth.
  • Lower-income youth attached less importance to schooling in shaping their likely future career success, have lower levels of self-esteem, and had fewer friends who planned on pursuing further education after high school.
  • Lower-income youth fare more poorly in school, as only 36% reported overall marks of 80% or higher in contrast with 49% of higher-income youth.
  • Less then half of 6 to 9 year old children participate in organized sports from the lowest income families, compared to 88% from the highest income families.